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The Wheel of Fortune

 Visually stunning wheel complete with table playing area. Similar to roulette, place your bets on the table and hope luck is on your side. When the wheel stops spinning, see you winnings roll in. More of a spectacle than a serious game, the wheel-of-fortune is great for guests to have a flutter, It is also great to watch without getting too involved!

What is the objective of the game?

The wheel-of-fortune is a large vertical segmented wheel. The segments all display a value. These segments are all represented on the playing area on the table below. Like roulette, players bet which segment the pointer will align with when the wheel is spun by placing chips on the playing area. The value of the segment equates to the odds paid out if they win.


A large spinning wheel is mounted vertically on a spindle. The wheel is divided into small sections demarcated for monetary denominations ($1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100) plus a Joker and another wild card spot which is usually the name of the casino. The player places a wager on the table on the denomination they desire, the croupier spins the wheel. If the wheel stops on your number, you win.

Wheel of Fortune Payouts

Bet | Payout
$1 - 1:1
$5 - 2:1
$10 - 5:1

$20 - 10:1
$50 - 20:1
$100 - 40:1
Ace - 40:1

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